Holiday Camps...

All of our holiday camps are suitable for complete beginners as well as regular players and are a great wayfor your child to stay active during the school holidays. We usually run camps during Easter, Summer andmany half terms.

Is your child new to tennis? Camps can be a great place to start!

Calendar 2023


Types of Camps...

Half Day Tennis Only Caps (3 hours)

5-10 years

11 years +

Half Day Tennis & Multisport Camps (3 hours)

5-13 years

Full Day Tennis & Multisport Camps (6 hours)

5-13 years

How To Book...

1. Check Availability

Click on the schedule tab to check the availability of our camps.

2. Buy a Camp Pack

Purchase a pack of 1, 3 or 5 camp sessions from the 'Coaching Plans' section on the schedule (each child attending will need their own pack).

3. Book Your Sessions!

Click again on the schedule tab and register for the camp(s) you would like to attend!


Competition is such an important part of the development of any tennis player, which is why we include some as part of our regular coachingprogramme via Team Challenge 'Match Weeks'. However, this is very time limited and it is vital that we provide other competitive opportunities for ourplayers to practice/develop their skills on a regular basis. There are many benefits to our tournaments;

Faster development of their game & fitness

Players improve their tactical awareness

Learn the rules/sportsmanship/social skills

It's also lots of fun!!

Most of our junior tournaments follow the Lawn Tennis Association 'Youth Compete' formats;

LTA Tournaments

Team Challenge

Team Challenge is great for anyone on the LTA Youth Programme.

Think short matches, small teams, quick fire.

Yes, It’s competitive but everyone’s a winner: medals for the champions, certificates for the challengers.

There are two formats:

Match Weeks’ slot into weekly coaching programmes, usually halfway through a term, and are a great way to play some competitive, fun matches in small teams.

’Festivals’ are bigger events that can take place at anytime, often on the weekends or during schools holidays. These often involve the whole club and can even be themed around events, like Halloween.


Lasts 2 hours for 8&U and 9&U and 3 hours for 10&U and yellow ball age groups.

The organiser will give a friendly welcome, energetic warm up and explanation of the rules.

There’ll be lots of quick matches against players of a similar ability.

Players not playing in matches will keep score and be ball kids. No hanging around here.

Players will always compete in singles and doubles matches – this develops both their tennis & social skills.

Local Tour

LTA Youth Local Tour offers a range of tournaments throughout the year for children aged 18 and under.

These competitions give players their first opportunity to earn Recent Form (9U and 10U events) or LTA Ranking (10U – 18U) points.

For kids 9U and 8U these tournaments normally last half a day and use a simple format.

For players aged 10-18 it could still be half a day or ramp up to a full day.

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